Workshops & Seminars

Ajial has been organizing a great number of workshops and public lectures during the years, touching on topics such as:

  • Marginalization of the youth role
  • Democracy and public liberties
  • Human rights and citizenship
  • Social communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Social activism
  • Photography
  • Cinema shooting
  • Social and economic skills
  • Environment
  • Training tutors for eliminating illiteracy
  • The Political Settlements
  • The Oslo Agreement and its drafts
  • European and American Policies in the Middle East
  • Arab Initiative for Peace
  • The Intifada (Uprising), A Review of Two Intifadas (Uprisings)
  • The Palestinian Reference/Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
  • The Impact of September 11 on the Palestinian Issue.
  • The Refugees: the right to return and refusing resettlement
  • The Palestinian Statehood
  • The Arab Initiative for Peace
  • The Official Arab Regime and the Palestinian Cause
  • The Palestinian Red Crescent: Medical Services
  • The Non-governmental Organizations: Role with the Palestinians
  • UN Resolutions for Palestine.
  • Psychological Impact of Intifada on Young people



The SCC has been organizing twenty two of these workshops, and being participants in another twenty five, in collaboration with various domestic and international institutions.


Palestinian young people are highly affected by their identity as Palestinians, who during the years have been witnessing a great amount of political conflict, war and discrimination. These experiences are internalised in the daily life and being of young Palestinians and must not be ignored. Therefore, it is crucial to provide the youngsters with the opportunity to seek as much information as possible, to bring forward various opinions as well as historical and political analysis.