Vision of Ajial

AJIAL has the vision to found and support an influential and inspiring youth movement within the Palestinian camps and gatherings. A youth movement which actively contributes to the socio‐cultural, educational and economic development of the Palestinian people in Lebanon.

Through practical initiatives Ajial seeks to:

1. Nurture the Palestinian identity:
- Contribute in forging identity among the Palestinian youth in Lebanon

2. Opening up to other cultures:
- Stimulate international co-operation amongst youth organization and legal authorities
- Create a platform for encountering and engaging in other cultures and experiences
- Stimulate extended cooperation between the Palestinian and Lebanese youth

3. Support a healthy civil society:
- Empower youth to become actors of social change in their communities, hence participating in decision making on all levels.
- Encourage the Palestinian youth to advocate and lobby for achieving their social and civil rights.

4. Self-improvement:
- Pursue greater awareness on youth anxieties and struggles in the Palestinian camps and gatherings
- Contribute to youth capacity-building inside the Palestinian camps/gatherings.
- Contribute to the educational and cultural development among Palestinian youth in the Palestinian camps and gatherings

5. Ensure a broad and sustainable co-operation of actors in the field
- Document and Collect previous and on‐going youth initiatives and experiences in the Palestinian camps and gatherings
- Work on creating enhanced communication and cooperation networks amongst local authorities and NGO's working with the Palestinian youth.