Social Media Tool Project

The Palestinian camps have through the years developed important tools for community communication. Local TV channels, internal communicators, internet cafes, local camp websites, local organizations websites, etc. These tools have been used to spread information and publicity, to create  social awareness,  to preserve collective history, as well as to promote advocacy and social protests, etc.

As Ajial seeks the social, cultural and political development of youth, the implementation of new social-media tools is considered a vital step towards youth mobilization. Opening up for the youth to make use of and benefit from new social media tools, such as blogging, seek information and create networks through the internet are imminent tasks in this relation.

For this reason, the primary part of Ajial’s homepage is dedicated to youth- and social-media activities. The intention is to create a virtual space for youth to express themselves through blogging, photo/picture blogging, sharing information, seeking information and news, finding tools for organization and finding events and workshops, etc.

Click here to go to see the Social media-tool on Ajials website.