Recent Activities

Field trip to Taanavel Eco Lodge
In the spring 2011 a field trip was organised to the Taanavel Eco lodge in the Bekaa valley.  Here a group of children experienced a different and more green and open environment than the one they live in. A complete educational program was provided by Arcenciel volunteers, who are specialized in environmental awareness activities.  Some of the topics covered were: air and water pollution, waste separation and recycling, composting, traditional houses building methods and materials, the human print in nature, personal hygiene issues, healthy food habits, preparation of seasonal food and agriculture. 

Community clean-ups:
In the three youth centres; Nahr el Bared, Bourouglie and Ein el Helweh, days of community clean-up is a continuous concept which engage children and youth in their community along with raising environmental awareness. Cleaning your surroundings and sorting garbage, whether it’s in the streets of the your camp, on the beach or on the playground provides a feeling of accomplishment and brings the relation between pollution and human responsibility.