Projects & Learning Activities

During the years Ajial and its’ partner organizations have been initiating different projects such as:

  • Organizing planting and green campaigns.
  • Organizing honoring ceremonies for Palestinian athletes who won medals in Arab, regional, continental, and international competitions.
  • Organizing introduction gatherings, forums and youth centers for the youngsters in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon.
  • Supporting continuous efforts to achieve social and civil rights for the Palestinian youth in Lebanon.
  • Supporting and takin part of the Arab Culture yearly events which entitled Jerusalem as the Capital of the Arabic Culture during the year 2009.
  • Contribute in developing the quality of services offered by the sport clubs and scouts groups in the Palestinian camps and gatherings.
  • Producing youth-led newsletters
  • Organizing exhibitions, concerts and theatre

The following gives an introduction on which activities took place in the prevouise years.

Activities within Ajial from 2004-2006:

The mobile cinema
The mobile cinema was a very important activity. The cinema visited the camps and some Lebanese areas. Several screenings were shown, as well as documentary films and slides have been projected on a regular basis. In a 3-year period, 16 thousand Palestinians and 4 thousand Lebanese benefited from this activity. The activity was brought to a halt due to lack of resources.

The organization of musical concerts for young bands
Two Palestinian bands, Jafra and al-Shorouk, supported by Ajial have been presenting Palestinian folklore dance and songs. As well, Two concerts were held at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, following two concerts by the al-A’ashequin band in the Bekaa, and other two by the Ajial Band for popular arts, in Naher el Bared refugee camp.

Palestinian crafts project - Turath Beladona
The embroidery workshop was established in March 2004 in Ein el Helweh camp.

This is a money generating project which was developed to encourage women in the Palestinian camps to create a small business of embroidery and sewing. This was done in order for them to break the isolation and passivity in the camps and enable the woman to create financial support to the household budget.

The Tourath Beladona group is entirely constituted by women. These women benefitting from the project are all considered to be in great difficulties, unemployed and often in charge of the household budget. The project is still ongoing.

French courses
Ajial Beirut organized  a 3 months French course for young people from Shatila and volunteers.

Design course
During two months, a design course took place in our center in Beirut for young people from Shatila and volunteers.


The Ajial-SCC organized in 2005 three workshops:

  • Environmental Workshop: This workshop occurred in Burj El Barajneh refugee camp. The workshop focused on the responsibility towards environment, health, social patterns and identity of the residents of the camp. Participating youth were given basic skills to document, map and analyze the situation of the camps, creating a preliminary study to be utilized for future intervention and projects.
  • Social, Economic and Legal Skills, Training Workshop: A workshop which focused on expanding and strengthening youth’s economic, social and legal skills.  
  • Illiteracy work shop project: The workshops were conducted in Ajial SCC in Naher El Bared. The purpose was to educate instructors on literacy workshops.


Activities in 2006 (the year of the Israeli-Lebanese July war)

This year was highly influenced by the tense atmosphere due to the July war. Ajial was however very active during the war and afterwards with distribution of food in Naher El Bared and supporting the rebuilding of Naher El Bared after the war ended. To know more about the work please go to "the camps" - "Naher El Bared".   

It was as well during 2006 that Ajial established an improved connection with other local youth organisations in Lebanon, working together on relief and social rehabilitation during and after the war. 


3 Camps and gatherings were planned, but two were cancelled. The third local camping was deferred and was altered to a voluntary camping instead. The camp was set in Aitharoun village.

The program focused on voluntary work through workshops, and open dialogues with the neighbourhood. The participants achieved a significant development during this camp, such as installing a website, as well as they received training on planning and coordinating activities.


The activites in the year 2007 is coming soon.


The years in Ajial from 2008-2009:

The war and the conflict in the summer 2006 and 2007 changed some of the focus for the work within Ajial. In the following years we focused more on issues such as; conflict management, dialogue techniques and communication skills.

In 2008 and 2009 we upgraded and improved Ajial performance in relation to administration and organization, evaluating all of our programs and our daily work. The evaluation was run by a person without personal affiliation with Ajial. The evaluator presented new ideas for future development of Ajial.

In these years we were as well working on administrative framework of Ajial. This meant that a fulltime volunteer was connected to the centre in Beirut, in order to better coordinate volunteers and help with daily administrative work. The fulltime is today still working with Ajial

During these two years we developed a website/blog for SCC-Ajial. Due to lack of recourses the blog has not been updated much since 2009 but is in the year 2012 being updated again.    


Activities run during the years 2008-2009:

·      Summercamp: The summer camp in 2009 was held in Bekaa. 55 youth from the camps were participating. The lectures and the activities on the summer camp were focused on methods of organising big events such as conferences.

·      Workshops with volunteers from different NGOs connected to the reconstruction of Naher El Bared. Both Lebanese and Palestinians took part of these workshops. The workshops were focused on conflict resolution and Dialogue techniques.

·      Mobilization and participation in one of the biggest manifestations in Beirut during the siege and attacks on GAZA. It was named Kuluna GAZA (we’r all Gaza).

·      Two concerts in solidarity with Naher El Bared, and to defuse information and facts about Naher El Bared Camp between state of displacement and siege.

·      15 days with summer activities for teenagers (age 14-17)

·      2 Trips to cultural and historical places. One trip to Ras El Ain Station for the youth to know more about Water purification.

·      Different readings, paintings and remedial classes.

·      Movie screenings for the communities.