Pillars of Work

Ajial has a broad approach to the work with the Palestinian youth, embracing issues such as cultural heritage, education and political organization.
The work of Ajial can be divided into three main pillars, namely:

1) Children and education

- Organizing workshops on theater, sports and art activities in and outside the youth-centers
- Introducing the idea of youth-chosen topics and independent learning in education
- Establishing libraries
- Providing remedial classes for school students and tutorial courses for computer-using and literacy.

2) Palestinian culture and heritage

- Supporting the formation of scout troops built up on human and moral values that respect social traditions.
- Organizing entertainment activities like summer camps, trips and festivals.
- Supporting handy-craft workshops and embroideries

3) Youth empowerment
- Organizing campaigns aiming to encourage social responsibility and enhance self-confidence with the aim to support a youth based social movement.
- Organizing youth camps and round tables stimulating political participation and cooperation amongst the youth.
- Encouraging the formation of sports teams and organizing competitions.
- Launching projects which give new perspectives on life options.
- Cooperation and coordination with local and international institutions that are concerned with the youth.
- Supporting women empowerment through various workshops and sports-activities.