Italian Partners


Consequent of several meetings with the representatives in Lebanon, an agreement was reached between the SCC and the Movimondo institution for a film-making about the situation of the Palestinian refugees in the el-Bared camp. The film was a primary step for financing joint projects.
A partnership was built between this group and 7 Palestinian associations, to train social workers. These trainees would apply what they learned by giving a field study about the social situation in the camp ending up with offering assistance to the most hardship cases.

Un Ponte Per / A Bridge Towards:

We became acquainted with this institution when they visited the SCC as part of a solidarity campaign with the Shatila refugee camp, on the occasion of the annual memory of the Sabra-Shatila massacre, on September 16. During meetings with the voluntary-work groups, organized by Mr. Carlos (Un Ponde Per) and Mr. Kassem al-Aina, in the Palestinian refugee camps, we became close.
The delegations showed great interests in SCC’s activities, as well as in the status of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the political developments in regard to the settlement.
These meetings, repeated during the past 3 years, resulted in:
a) An initiative by Mrs. Laura Silva adopted financing a project to teach the adults in Ein el-Hilweh camp. The project started in the second half of 2004, with a group of 17 young women. The program comprises: eliminating illiteracy, remedial lessons, embroidery, cooking lessons, and drawing on glass.
b) A partnership program is primed, financed by the EU, for a Palestinian-European summer camp, held in Lebanon.