The SCI-group

SCI Belgium

Is an NGO apart of the SCI network for Belgium which supports international initiatives.Their mission is to educate Europeans about the Palestinian situation while allowing Palestinians to learn more about Europeans and European society. SCI Belgium aim’s to further Europeans understanding of Palestinians in their context in order to promote effect policies of integration in Europe.

SCI-Belgium was the first organization to support our work on the Palestinian- European summer camp.

SCI belgium homepage

SCI Catalonia

SCI Catalonia has supported and initiated several youth exchange projects for and with Ajial.


SCI Holland has supported Ajial various emergency projects


The relations started when a delegation visited the SCC house in Beirut during 1999. Then, in 2000, I visited them in Rome. In the same year, we joined in a workshop the SCI organized with the Progressive Youth Organization. In the following year, one of their delegations visited us in Beirut and we agreed they send a volunteer, Adriana, to work with us for 6 months. Adriana is an active young girl, with initiative and brightness. Through her, we could get to a partnership with the SCI for several projects.