German Partners

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Institution (FES)

FES is a private non-profit organization seeking to promote a culture of social democracy, access to higher education and international cooperation.

FES has supported AJIAL’s work through conferences and research, development, publishing of research, translation, and printing.

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What did we previously write about FES:

FES is a German institution with exceptional favors that helped the continuity of the SCC. It financed the first camping activity held in Delhamiyeh in 1998, which launched the idea of the SCC. This institution is the first NGO which supported many workshops, especially that the major trainers (Nizar Rammal and Mustafa Saeed) had full awareness of the Palestinian situation in Lebanon and its impact on the youngsters. Through the FEI, the SCC received its first support from the European Union for an educational program of two sides:

The first is introducing ten lectures aiming at developing awareness for the youngsters and help enrich with information and ideas for the developments regarding Palestinian, Arab, and international issues, which affects their realities and future.

The second is preparing two studies that form important references to whoever wants to get acquainted with the Palestinian situation in Lebanon. These surveys titled: “Palestinians in the Lebanese Politics and Laws”, and “The Displaced … The Forgotten Problem”.

With the help of this institution, the SCC took its first experience of financing the sound-equipment project to help provide definite income to one of the activists (Fadi) in el-Bared camp. In addition, most of the equipments of the SCC in Beirut were offered by the FEI. Stationeries were presented as a New Year’s gift in 2003.


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