French Partners

CCFD - Comite Catholique Contre la FAIM et Pour le Developpement

CCFD has the mission to mobilise Christian solidarity, particularly during the Lenten period, in order to promote solidarity between peoples by acting for development.

In order to accomplish this mission CCFD focuses its efforts in two fields:

  1. Support for development initiatives

  2. Raising public awareness on international solidarity issues

CCFD is our first partnership institution. A coperation which started with the establishmnet of Multi Purposes Center in Nahr el Bared in2001: aiming at providing remedial classes for students, organizing  computer and English language learning for university graduates ahead of getting employed.

Since the beginning of the partnership, we exchanged visits and delegates as part of solidarity with the institution. The CCFD alson provides funds for French volunteers, elected by the DCC institution, to work with the SCC.



Colobri is a French partner organization which has been supporting Ajial in their youth encounters both in Lebanon and in France; Gathtering youth from Europe, Lebanon and the 48’ Palestine territories.


Ajial France:

 is a French institution founded by a group of ladies from Marseilles. It came as a result of visiting Lebanon, during which they toured around some Palestinian camps. They sensed the hardships of life of the people in the camps. The ladies also participated in a summer camp held by the SCC.
The sympathy towards the Palestinians, and zest, led the ladies to assist the SCC-Ajial of Lebanon. They formed a twin association and called “Ajial of France”. It targets providing financial support to the SCC, unconditional of specific projects.

Our twin institution is the first of all which hosted five youngsters from the SCC . They held many seminars at universities and schools in France, visited municipalities and neighborhoods, conducted press interviews to tell about the sufferings of the Palestinians in Lebanon, in addition to introducing the SCC.

France-Palestine (AFPS):

A member of the AFPS, visited one of our summer camps, visited the refugee camps, and as a result introduced the SCC to the AFPS.The AFPS has been providing financial support to the SCC for several projects.

Palestine 33: 

is a French institution in Bordeaux. We received  financial support in times we badly needed them for the administrational expenses or for the domestic camping program. Palestine 33 has also been supporting several sports projects.

a group of active men and women was formed this year, 2004, to support the Palestinian people and defend their rights. They played an important role in helping the sports partnership project with Palestine 33 to succeed in Bordeaux, which established close relations. Cooperation with them in the year 2005 includes:
- Re-inviting the sports team to Bordeaux
- Completing the mushroom cultivation project in Ein el-Hilweh camp
- Sending a delegation of 5 girls to visit the refugee camps. The sports team (Tibries) will be in charge of their itinerary.

The DCC: 

The name of this association means “Let’s Dare to be Open” (Osons Louvertuer). It is concerned with the volunteer work; it cooperates with the CCFD and sends volunteers to work with groups in need. In 2003, it sent a group of men and women headed by Reverend Felix, to the SCC branch in Bared camp. They worked with Palestinian volunteers, for 15 days, in renewing sewerage pipes in the area, and some maintenance works for the SCC house. Close relations were established between the refugees in the camp and the group. This encouraged five of them to come visit us again in 2004, to work with the children, collect documents and information about the camp, and use them as records of the hardships the Palestinians are sufferings.