Local Youth Partners

Al Jana

Al-Jana/ARCPA is the arab resource center for culture and art works with communities that face marginalization in Lebanon in building their strengths and documenting adn disseminationg their empowering experiences and cultural contributions. Al-Jana alsp produces learning and creative resources by and for children and youth

Ajial and Al Jana have cooperated on various projects; involving conflict transformation related to Nahr el Bared refugee camps, 60 years of nakba, Jerusalem capital of art and culture, as well as July war emergency.

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Al Jaleel Center

Al Jaleel center is a child and youth center in the Refugee camp Al Jaleel, also known as Wavel Camp.  Al Jaleel Center supports children in the Al jaleel camp in school work, sports, leisure and creativity, as well as computer skills and community development.

Al Jaleel and Ajial have been cooperationg on various youth projects and campaign, as well as the volunteering youth exchange project.


 Al Najdeh association

Al Najdeh works to empower women and children of the refugee community with the tools necessary to create a more-participatory role in their community economically, socially and educationally in order to contribute concretely to the development of the overall Palestinian refugee community in Lebanon. Najdeh provides a core program of social, psychological, educational, economic, and advocacy.

Throughout the years Al Najdeh and Ajial have been cooperating on several youth projects; such as  60 years of Nakba, Jerusalem capital of art and culture, etc.

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Al-Massar (The Cause):

 is an organization seeking to find ways for exchanging view points among 30 Lebanese and Palestinian institutions, aiming at forming a network among the youth acting associations. It took place with the help of the American Save the Children institution, lasting for about 18 months. It included workshops and meetings to set a strategy for working with the youngsters. These efforts ended up in forming “Al-Massar”. A Palestinian committee was formed starting its work with organizing dialogue meeting at the St. Joseph University, between Palestinian and Lebanese youngsters. This gathering uncovered the deep differences in the points of view, but at the same time, it proved the possible democratic dialogue within a positive atmosphere, able to provide a chance to reach common vision and practical positions, and may work it out to achieve it.


Beit atfal al somud:

Throughout the years Beit atfal al somud and Ajial have been cooperating on several youth projects; such as  60 years of Nakba, Jerusalem capital of art and culture, etc.

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CYC -Children and Youth Center Shatila:

Throughout the years CYC shatila and Ajial have been cooperating on several youth projects. CYC Shatila and Ajial are currently running a youth exchange project, sending international volunteers to live and work in CYC. The volunteers have been initiating projects such as yoga workshops, newspapers, music workshops and artistic projects.

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The Progressive Youth Organization(PYO): 

as great favor in providing appropriate places to hold the gatherings and summer camps conducted by the SCC, starting in 1998, in the Progressive Scout Headquarters in Delhamiyeh. It also facilitated the three camps in the Scout City in Ein Zhalta. In addition, many workshops were organized by this organization. We also participated with it in the women’s demonstration organized by the international institution of “Follow the Women”, subsidizing with the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian-Lebanese Camp was conducted with the coordination of the SCC with the PYO. It was a critical attempt to promote partnership among the Palestinian and Lebanese youth organizations. The camp activity concluded with an agreement to form a core lobby (pressure force) of the participants to enable the refugees in the camps gain their civil and social rights. Accordingly, the SCC youngsters called upon the participants for meeting to tackle this issue; however, attendants were few. That indicates the need for more maturity and clarity.

Jeel (Generation):

Jeel is a Lebanese association that deals with issues of citizenship and the right to know. We joined them in several beneficial workshops.


JCC – Joint christian churches – D’baieh refugee camp

JCC and Ajial have been cooperating a youth exchange project, sending international volunteers to live and work in D'baieh Camp.