Our Partners

  • Local Youth Partners

    Al Jana

    Al-Jana/ARCPA is the arab resource center for culture and art works with communities that face marginalization in Lebanon in building their strengths and documenting adn disseminationg their … more

  • French Partners

    CCFD - Comite Catholique Contre la FAIM et Pour le Developpement

    CCFD has the mission to mobilise Christian solidarity, particularly during the Lenten period, in order to promote solidarity … more

  • Embassies

     Usually the embassies have certain budgets to finance projects presented by NGOs in Lebanon. The SCC made use of these budgets through:

    The Canadian Embassy: financed two projects:a) The … more

  • German Partners

    Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Institution (FES)

    FES is a private non-profit organization seeking to promote a culture of social democracy, access to higher education and international cooperation.

    FES … more

  • Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA)

    MECA is a non-profit organization located in Northern California, working for the rights of children in the Middle East by providing support to communities, by sending humanitarian aid,  … more

  • MS-action, Denmark

    MS-action Denmark and Ajial have for the last three years been cooperating on a youth exchange project. Ajial receives volunteers from Denmark and Norway, introducing them to the Palestinian … more

  • Norwegian Peoples' aid

    NPA is a Norwegian and international, politically independent organization aimed at promoting the practice of distributing power and wealth, as well as the right to life and health. … more

  • The SCI-group

    SCI Belgium

    Is an NGO apart of the SCI network for Belgium which supports international initiatives.Their mission is to educate Europeans about the Palestinian situation while allowing Palestinians … more

  • Italian Partners


    Consequent of several meetings with the representatives in Lebanon, an agreement was reached between the SCC and the Movimondo institution for a film-making about the situation of … more


    Sodepau is a non-profit organization that aims to build international solidarity on local and community development. They work to defend human rights, support democratic movements, promote the use of … more