Welcome to Ajials new Web-Site and Youth Portal

In April 2012, Ajial launched its new homepage and youth portal. After a long process of developing the concept and design behind the website, we can now finally present to you, to the youth of Ajial, to our friends, colleagues and partners the new Ajial-SCC Website and Youth Portal. Here you will be able to retrieve all the information you need about Ajial. You can sign up for our newsletter, download reports, be updated on activities and find out how you can become a part of the many activities offered by both Ajial and partners.

The Youth Portal concept is designed for the youth to be able to search and find all sorts of information, tools and learning material about Palestinian refugees, about history and rights, about music and arts, about how to start your own projects and so on. It is also possible to upload your own work on this youth portal, create a blog, add poetry or pictures to our gallery, meet other young people and arrange events and activities through our social share.

The Website and the Youth Portal still needs some work and Ajial is currently trying to gather a group of young people to help us update and maintain the website with the aim to be constantly representing the new flows of ideas and activities of the youth.