Modern Dance, Dabke & Yoga

The opening of the dance floor have been initiated with modern dance classes every Friday afternoon, involving 15 children and young people from the Ein el Helweh camp in Saida.

Currently Ajial is as well working on offering Dabke classes for the youth, as the practicing of Dabke is considered as a vital preservation of Palestinian culture and identity. The Dabke sessions will ideally be supported by a monthly Haflat, enabling the youth to socialize and practice their moves

In addition to the modern dance and the Dabke, Ajial is seeking more volunteering dance teacher who can offer classes in whatever it is Yoga, ballet, hip hop, freestyle, classic, capoeira etc.

The aim is to have dance classes every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, and now and then additional work-shops in the weekends. The dance lessons are for free and the children travelling from afar to participate will usually be compensated for their travelling expenses. Ajial is aiming at presenting an’ End-of-the-season performance’ each year.

Click here if you are experienced in any kind of dance and is willing to volunteer by teaching dance.