Activists and Volunteers

The people involved with Ajial are all non-paid activists and volunteers who are convinced that the empowerment of children and young people is crucial in the struggle for improved conditions in the camps and for a brighter future for the Palestinian refugees.

Fundamentally, Ajial consists of a structure which takes shape as an administrative board, a general assembly, an executive committee and a number of working groups . The young activists and volunteers placed as mentors and facilitators in the three youth centers, in Nahr el bared, Borouglieh and Ein el Helwe, combined with the administrative staff at the head office in Beirut, makes the executive structure and functions as the platform for the strategies and daily work of Ajial.

From time to time Ajial moreover receives visiting volunteers and organizations whom from a period of 2 to 12 months are involved with Ajial, initiating new projects or research processes.